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The pictures presented opposite are taken under the natural conditions without any displacement or reconstitution.


    The scorpions

Place: Principal road 31 in the north of Ouarzazate (7 km approx.).

Scorpion found : Buthus occitanus

Description : It's at the crossing of 2 roads, at 20 meters of the edge of this one, the scorpions are found (blue arrows) under the large stones. The ground was rather wet because it had rained a little front. Without any possible protection, this place is sunny morning at the evening, with heats of more than 30°C. The ground consists of a coarse sand with many stones of all sizes. It's astonishing to find so close to the road, a so great quantity of scorpion, but most astonishing is that at the other side of this road, we can't find any scorpion, and the ground seems exactly similar...

Place: Principal road 31 in the south of Ouarzazate (20 km approx.).

Scorpion found : Hottentotta franzwerneri

Description : An oasis at 50 m of the roadside. The vegetation is composed for the majority of palm trees and oleander (Nerium oleander) . It's at the foot of a solid mass of an oleander, under a stone of small size, and at the bottom of a cavity of less than 10 cm length, that the scorpion was. The ground was rather wet because well sheltered by the shade of the vegetation and with the presence of a near little water pond. Presence of much of insects but also of lizards, toads and small mammals.

Place: Valley of Drâa, principal road 31. In the north of Zagora close to El Had.

Scorpion found : Orthochirus innesi

Description : At approximately 150 meters of the roadside. This place is between the palm plantation which borders Drâa and the road. This part is at the very least arid and private of vegetable life. Only the kind of bush, present on photography, protects the ground from the sun. Three specimens are collected under three stones of small sizes (blue arrows) on less than one meter. No presence of potential prey was discovered during research, exept some ants.

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