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Genus Scorpio Linné, 1758

Index of danger
Scorpio genus is composed of:  
Danger moyenbas
Scorpio maurus Linné, 1758
Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia). The Middle East (Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Syria, Turkey).
male 9-11 female 7-11
  • Scorpions of small size ( 5 to 8 cm). It can be of clear color (straw) or very dark (blackish chestnut ). Cephalotorax with two lobes on the front, and in its mediums a notch not very marked. Tail shorter than the body, the first ring is very squat. Pecten short seldom exceeding the hips of legs IV. Pincer very flattened and on board interns round, short fingers especially in the male. Outside of the hand at least partially granulated and internally smoothes.

Note: To differentiate the sexes one will rather look at the difference in size of the fingers of the grip, the male having shortest.

Subspecies of Scorpio :

Scorpio maurus Linné, 1758

  • Scorpio maurus maurus Linné, 1758 : Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia.
  • Scorpio maurus arabicus (Pocock, 1900) : Arabic peninsula.
  • Scorpio maurus behringsi Shenkel, 1949 : Morocco.
  • Scorpio maurus birulai Fet 1997 : Morocco.
  • Scorpio maurus fuliginosus (Pallary, 1928) : Morocco.
  • Scorpio maurus fuscus (Ehrenberg, 1829) : Morocco (?). Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Yemen (?).
  • Scorpio maurus hesperus Birula, 1910 : Morocco.
  • Scorpio maurus kruglovi Birula, 1910 : Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria.
  • Scorpio maurus legionis Werner, 1932 : Morocco.
  • Scorpio maurus mogadorensis Birula, 1910 : Morocco.
  • Scorpio maurus occidentalis Werner, 1936 : Mauritania, Senegal.
  • Scorpio maurus palmatus (Ehrenberg, 1828) : Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan. Israel, Jordan.
  • Scorpio maurus propinquus (Simon, 1872) : Syria.
  • Scorpio maurus punicus Fet, ???? : Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia. (New name of Scorpio maurus tunetanus Birula, 1909).
  • Scorpio maurus stemmli Schenkel, 1949 : Morocco.
  • Scorpio maurus townsendi (Pocock, 1900) : Iran.
  • Scorpio maurus trarasensis Bousisset & Larrouy, 1962 : Algeria.
  • Scorpio maurus yemmensis Werner, 1929 : Yemen.

The Breeding


On average a temperature of 26/28° C is enough amply for this species. The summer the temperature can go up until 35°C but it will have a fresh burrow in order to support these heats as well as possible. Winters, to if possible descend the temperature towards 16/18°C.


The mini-crickets are impossible to avoid for him, because of its small pincers, the preys don't exceed 8 milimeters. Also, you can give him yellow mealworms (Tenebrio molitor), small moths ... It very often happens that Scorpio maurus don't touch the preys given for rather long period and that without apparent reason.


One of small size will be enough for him, but it must be high. A large gherkin bottle with a good height of fine sand will be very well. Stones will be welcome, as well as a small feeding trough. Hygroscopy between 50-60%, rather fairly dries, with water spraying of time to other. To humidify the sand so that the scorpion can dig a gallery there, insert a plastic tube, until the bottom of the terrarium and pour delicately water by this tube. The conditions that this kind of scorpion finds in nature are reproduisibles with much difficulty in terrarium, as it very often arrives as the specimens in breeding don't survive a long time.


Rapid and sharp, this scorpion is of a very average sociability. If you intend to put a couple together, envisage a rather large terrarium so that each one has its territory, if not…


Although rather of small size, Scorpio maurus have a very painful puncture! Thus take long a enough grip for you to seize somes.

Scorpio maurus
scorpio maurus

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