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The scorpions are, and will remain savage animals. They will be never pets. Also, we disadvise to you trying to have a scorpion if is to handle it, even if this one is considered inoffensive.

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I am proud to welcome you to my webpage, thank you for visiting it. This is a reduced version of the French page, but I hope that it will answer your questions despite that.

The aim of this site is to help in the understanding of scorpions. I have collected data on the breeding of different species of scorpion; this information is published here to help people keep these species of scorpion in captivity. The aim of this website is not to encourage people to keep scorpions as pets, as some of them are very dangerous..

The information on this site is based on my personal observations and experience, and on that of other breeders of scorpions; it should be treated as useful information and not fact..

This version of the website is currently under construction. Please excuse any missing information, and my poor English.




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