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The pictures presented opposite are taken under the natural conditions without any displacement or reconstitution.


    The scorpions

Place:L'escarène near Nice (France 06).

scorpion found : Euscorpius tergestinus

Description : It is a small way in edge of a forest. Invaded by tall grasses, the brooms and other plants, this way is for its greater part very exposed with the sun of the morning at the end according to midday. Although it's very hot, the ground is a little wet under the stones, the vegetation on the ground, by its density, does a little shade. Faunistic diversity met here is incredible, as well in potential preys and predatory. The scorpions are found, for the majority, as well length, as in the small "split" (photo 3) at the end of the way, under stones of average size to large.

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