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Our subjects have some times of the troubles which can degenerate. With these pages it will be easier to you of given for which reason a specimen does not go well, and can be to help you to look after it.


    The scorpions

The mycoses :

The mycoses are fungal infections which benefit from a rate a little high signal of moisture to develop on the primarily desert scorpions. One often finds these mycoses on Hadrurus, Androctonus in the form of brownish or blackish spots, more or less small. They nothing but do increase with the wire of time, and are propagated quickly until the scorpion dies. These spots are easily visible on the yellow scorpions, but much less quickly detectable on scorpions to which the color is close to the black. In fact often the parts in contact with the ground are touched in first, namely, the combs, the sternites, the legs, the rings of the metasoma (tail), and less often the pedipalps, the prosoma, the tergites.

These mycoses can be treated with market products in pharmacy and used for man, but in proportionings much weaker. One can also get, always in pharmacy, of the parahydroxybenzoate of methyl, diluted in alcohol, which one locally applies with a cotton stem. The simplest remedy is to give a good ventilation to the terrariums and to decrease vaporizations.

Bacterial attacks :

These attacks appear as spots, more or less regular, and of different colors from the white to the black. These spots become holes which bore the carapace of the scorpions and proliferates then in the organism of this one. Death occurs always afterwards of long month of waiting. They touch especially the scorpions living in wet medium, the specimens most often reached are Pandinus. They are the result of a proliferation of bacterium generally due to a bad hygiene of the terrarium. We indeed noted that the breeders giving of the mice (alive or defrosted) to their scorpions were reached of this case, and that the others never noted this problem. The mice are very seldom finished, also the time which the scorpion takes to eat this mouse benefits the bacteria to multiply above. Moreover scorpions generally take along the prey in the burrow and does not finish it, which increases the proliferation of the bacteria further.

For the moment, we do not have, alas, any remedy to give. Most of the time when the attacks are discovered it is already much too late. Best is to avoid giving small mammals to the specimens living in wet medium, if not it is necessary to withdraw as quickly as possible the remainders of meal before it did not rot.

Moult Problems :

Problems of moults, which are at the very least very frequent, can also cause fatal consequences. It happens that for various reasons, the scorpion entirely did not leave the molt. The old skin, thus remains stuck on the news. That also arrives at the level of the pedipalps, of the legs, but also of the metasoma. The case which interests us is as follows. The old skin remains stuck on the anus of the scorpions, the anus is between the telson and the fifth segment of the metasoma. Your scorpion will live a little time, it will eat as usual, but it will never be able to defecate. It will inflate until what its intestines perforate and which its excrements fill up its abdomen. Of course it will not remain to him any more very a long time has to live.

A leg, a pedipalp imprisoned in the old skin will have for being cut most of the time. The embarrassment caused by this dead appendix could prevent the scorpion from being correctly nourished. It is as possible as the dead part rotted and causes diseases being able to be fatal. The cutting will have to be very made with a tool (scissors) edge. It will also have to be taken care that the loss of hemolymph (blood) is not too significant. You do not worry for your scorpion, a leg, a pedipalp in less will not prevent it from living. Moreover if your scorpion is not yet adult, it will be able to regenerate partly or completely the lost article.

Above, an Androctonus australis died during the moult, without apparent reason. Blockings on this level are, for the scorpions, always fatal. It is impossible to help the specimen to leave the exuvie without being likely to tear off to him certain parts like the pedipalps, the legs or the metasoma.

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