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    The scorpions

 After mating, does the male risk its life ?

  • For some species, it already risks it while trying to approach his future partner. If its approach is not recognized, the female will think that it is a potential prey, because don' forget, lot of scorpions nourishes other scorpions in nature.
  • On average, a little more than one scorpions out of three will not be likely to procreate another time. We supposed that at certain species, the sacrifice of the male would be useful to nourish the female, which would cause to increase the number of young people to be born.
  • However, to other species more sociable, the male leaves itself there to all the blows without any attack its partner.
  • In general, the scorpions having a great sociability, which live together, if they are correctly nourished, do not devour their partner.

How many babies for a laying ?

  • According to the species and the age of the female, that can vary much.
  • The maximum of a laying can go up to 100 pullus (Centruroides gracilis), very seldom more, and the minimum is surroundings 10, with sometimes less for some species like Scorpiops longimanus.
  • The inflence of the stress also exploits the quantity. The quality of the meals and the frequency of those are there also for much.
  • The mortality of the young and youthful is significant, which is compensated by the number of young bus only most solid and most gifted remain.
  • For a good development of the young, it is necessary to know that heat is essential for the realization of the moults, in order to grow most quickly.

Which is the frequency to which I must nourish my scorpions ?
  • The average is of a catch of food per week, obviously, the size of the prey must be in connection with that of the scorpion. Approximately, count an adult locust pelegrin or two crickets for Pandinus.
  • If you want it, add in one or two if you must ous go away a few times.
  • A scorpion will occur to eat during several weeks without problem, however, on your return, it is not worth while to force-feed.
  • A gravid female will have to be nourished to a little more often enable him to have a beautiful laying.
  • Attention, avoid nourishing an adult scorpion too much. If it resembles more one golf ball, let digest it during a few months. For the youthful ones, it is not very serious, on the contrary that enables them to make a moult a little more quickly.

Which size for terrarium of my scorpion ?
  • Not too large nevertheless but sufficient so that this one can at least move. Some, indeed, are kind to remain continuously in their burrow, whereas of other walks even the day.
  • A too large terrarium can ausi obstruct a scorpion to capture its prey.
  • Obviously, for a couple, to see even several couples, one will need a terrarium much larger, with enough of hiding-places for all. In the same way, if you want to put some plants and other elements to decorate, envisage place for that.
  • The addition of large cork bark is very advised, because that increases the surface of walk of the scorpion.
  • Some figures: count 30x20 cm for adult Heterometrus and 80x40 cm for 5 adults. For to Euscorpius, 10x10 cm for two adults is enough and for Pandinus, count 40x30 cm and 100x50 cm for 5 adults.
  • Not too large nevertheless but sufficient so that this one can at least move. Some, indeed, are kind to remain continuously in their burrow, whereas of other walks even the day.

How to remove me from the scorpions in my house ?
  • The scorpions in France are inoffensive, you do not risk anything. On the contrary, as for the spiders, they will eliminate the insects being in your house. However, I understand that their presence can disturb.
  • The means more courrants to get rid of these scorpions are the insecticides. It's nevertheless necessary a little more to force on the amounts and to avoid any contact with the products and your domestic animals, like you even.
  • The insecticides containing Lindane, DDT, Chlordane or Dieldrin are very efficacious, but these products are very toxic and a lot of are prohibited in the Europe.
  • For information, kill or throwing a scorpion, and another will certainly come to take the free place in few time.
  • Here a small complement on behalf of Jacques, who is a termitologist in his profession: "For the destruction of the scorpions in a house, Cypermethrine functions very well, but with a remaining odor. We also use of Permas D which is useful for the wasps, the hornets and the ants and remains very effective against the scorpions with a very strong remanance and especially without odor! To handle with mask is gloves because that remains neurotoxic nevertheless!". It as should be specified as these products its for professionals and thus rather not easily findable in the trade. But the professional "eliminators" of termites or cockroaches, can help you in your fight .

How to know if my scorpion will moult ?

  • Most of the time the specimens sold in the stores are adult, also they will not make more any moult on the contrary to the tarentula which them, make all their life of it. A scorpion made during its life between 5 and 8 moults according to species, then it is ready to reproduce. It will not grow any more until its death. A precursory sign that I always noticed vant a moult, the scorpion does not kill the prey but tests driven out by putting blows of tail to him, or then it kills it but does not eat it.
  • It sometimes happens however to have a scorpion sub-adult, or a very young at the time of sale, purse or during exchange. It thus should be known that two things are very significant so that your scorpion moults. Firstly, food, it must be in sufficient quantity, because when a scorpion is well nourished, more he will grow quickly. Secondly, heat. It's very often arrives that a breeder does not manage to make grow his young, whereas another sees the same young species moult in two or three months. With 40°C some scorpions will grow more quickly than with 20°C, but attention, the expectation of life decreases if one goes too quickly between each moult. It is often because of this lack of heat in some breedings that scorpions never grow. One needs also veiler to maintain a good humidity ambient for the species of scorpions of the wet areas (Pandinus, Heterometrus, Centruroides, Tityus etc...).
  • Your scorpion have makes a success of its moult, its color is not more same the as front one. It is normal because it will have "to dry". To leave its old armour, the scorpion became soft, so soft that it will not be able to catch a prey and even less to kill it. It is for this, that we must never keep alive preys in period of moult . It's necessary to await ten days before giving again to him to eat.

What can I give to my scorpions which have just been born ?

  • With the birth the pullus are completely unable to be nourished. It will be necessary to wait still a little after their first moult. Indeed, as after a moult, the scorpion is very soft. See the question with the top of this one.
  • It's an obviousness, but the size of the young scorpion determines that of the prey. One will not nourish with the same preys of the Euscorpius's young and the Pandinus's young. One can nevertheless determine that a prey of size at least equal to that of the scorpion can be caught and eaten by this one. However, to have more chance of success, and not afraid the young scorpion with its first prey, one will facilitate the spot to him by presenting a prey recently killed to him. Most of the time, the young people show readily vultures, that walks very well for example to Pandinus, but also to Heterometrus or Parabuthus. Deposit, the evening, some crickets, even adult, which you have just killed, and you will note the following day that the place was cleaned.
  • The young scorpions who remain with their mother often eat the remainders of the crickets of their mother. It is very often noted that the young people, fly straightforwardly in the grips of their mother, when it is not directly in the chelicera ...
  • For the very small scorpions, to find preys is rather painful, but there are the drosophilas. Admittedly, it are not very nutritive, but they will help the young to pass the next moults and after they will be able to eat mini cricket. It is to better give the Drosophilas in a vat, or a hermetic pot, because if there are air vents, the flies will flee and your scorpion will not eat !

With which species can one start ?

  • The species to begin are, of course, the least dangerous. But also most solid, those which would resist best your "errors" or your lapses of memory.
  • In the ideal kind to start one finds, obviously, Pandinus imperator, but also Hadrurus arizonensis, for those which prefer dry terrariums. One can also add Hadogenes troglodytes or H . bicolor, Scorpio maurus. For those which live in the south of France we recommend the indigenous species, for example Euscorpius but also of Buthus, although this last is advised after a few times of practice.
  • You do not let influence by a salesman wishing to sell a dangerous species or rapid under pretext to you that others never have problem with this species. Start gently, you will be likely more to preserve an "easy" specimen very a long time than to do fear with a scorpion which seeks by all the means of fleeing and you to you to prick and thus to be disappointed by these animals.

How can I do to arrange my terrarium ?

  • The ornementation of terrarium is especially a history of liking. In a terrarium containing only ground, a scorpion will live without problem, but it is true also that with one or two stones, a small plant (real or plastic), a beautiful cork bark at the bottom of terrarium, it is nevertheless prettier, more aesthetic and more pleasant for the scorpion.
  • It's obviously necessary to take account of the living conditions of your boarder. A scorpion of the kind Tityus or Centruroides likes to climb, one would thus need a terrarium in height with little substrate (just what to maintain the hygroscopy sufficient) but especially either of the branches (vine stocks kind), or of the cork barks. For a scorpion which digs galleries (Scorpio maurus, Opistophthalmus, Heterometrus, Pandinus...), one would need a good height of substrate, so that it can make its burrow. A small easy way so that sand or the ground is solid. Plunge a plastic tube (PVC sheath for plumbing or electricity) until the bottom of your terrarium. This tube must obviously exceed, but will hide it to you a stone or other. By this pipe, you will pour water there very gently, in order to well himidifier the bottom of the substrate, but attention not any walnut tree, sand must remain compact and slightly wet.
  • There is no rules for decoration. For the plants, you will find, for wet terrariums, of the small ferns out of pot at the specialized stores, but also of very young people the ficus (rainforest fig), of the small bamboos of interior, young plamiers, the beaucarneas (rather for drier terrarium), and for arid terrariums, the succulent plants, such as crassula, sisal plants, euphorbiums will make the business, but avoid the catus. For the cork plate, you will find some in store, or with the foot of the oaks cork, for the stones, collect thus various forms, sizes, colors at the time of your walks or your holidays.

How to heat my terrarium ?
  • The terrariums for the scorpions can be to heat according to several methods. However, it is necessary to avoid certain errors which can be fatal. First of all, it is necessary to avoid the heating stones, ideal for a reptile but completely out of subject for our scorpions.
  • You should known that when a scorpion with too hot, it will dig, it is a reflexe, also the plates and cords heating IN terrarium are absolutely to proscribe.
  • If you want to put a cord or a heating film, pose it against one of the side of terrarium. If the scorpion needs this heat it will approach some, if not it will go in the opposite corner.
  • The simplest and the most economic remainder the bulb lamp (ordinary) of 40 W This one will be not used to give light, but to heat a point of terrarium where the scorpion will be able, like a lizard, to come to heat itself. Couple this lamp with a programator (simplest) in order to heat surroundings 8 hours per day. Ridges attention, because the lamp must be out of attack of the scorpion. Imagine if the lamp ignites whereas the scorpion is above. Therefore, put the rather high one.

Does a scorpion commit a suicide into a circle of fire ?

  • The answer is not. This myth of the suicide is however tough. In fact it is only one bad interpretation what it really occurs. It should be known that a scorpion die in a few minutes when the ambient temperature exceeds the 50°C. At this time there, the properties of its skin, in fact its waterightness, changes in a few moments and the scorpion is dehydrated in very little time. The skin on its back, while losing its moisture will narrow, which causes to bring back the telson to the level of the prosoma. Some saw a puncture there, but there is nothing. One can simply save the scorpion while plunging it in water a few moments. This suicide can be also carried out with a hair dryer besides ...

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