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These pages will be updated as often as possible. I thank all the people who helps me by providing me last information and especially Jan Ove Rein, webmaster of the site The Scorpion Files, without which these some pages would be never updated.


    The scorpions


Microcharmus Lourenço, 1995 Microcharmus cloudsleythompsoni Lourenço, 1995
5 sp.
  Microcharmus fisheri Lourenço, 1998  
  Microcharmus hauseri Lourenço, 1996  
  Microcharmus jussarae Lourenço, 1996  
  Microcharmus sabineae Lourenço, 1996  
Neoprotobuthus Lourenço, 2000 Neoprotobuthus intermedius Lourenço, 2000
1 sp.
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