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These pages will be updated as often as possible. I thank all the people who helps me by providing me last information and especially Jan Ove Rein, webmaster of the site The Scorpion Files, without which these some pages would be never updated.


    The scorpions


Alacran Francke, 1982 Alacran tartarus Francke, 1982
1 sp.
Sotanochactas Francke, 1986 Sotanochactas ellioti (Mitchell,1971)
1 sp.
Superstitionia Stahnke, 1940 Superstitionia donensis Stahnke, 1940
1 sp.
Troglotayosicus Lourenço, 1981 Troglotayosicus vachoni Lourenço, 1981
1 sp.
Typhlochactas Mitchell, 1971 Typhlochactas cavicola Francke, 1986
6 sp.
  Typhlochactas granulosus Sissom & Cokendolpher, 1998  
  Typhlochactas mitchelli Sissom, 1988  
  Typhlochactas reddelli Mitchell, 1968  
  Typhlochactas rhodesi Mitchell, 1968  
  Typhlochactas sylvestris Francke, 1986  


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